Jamal Naji, a Jordanian author

Jamal Naji, a Jordanian author

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Ahlan Jordan is directed by Jamal Naji, a Jordanian author. Naji’s work has contributed to shaping the contemporary novel and short story writing in Jordan and he is considered a prominent cultural figure who built a reputation for his creativity and subtle intellect. Throughout his publishing career, Naji has received numerous prestigious awards and has been shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction for his novel “When the Wolves Grow Old.” His latest novel is “Seasons of Martyrdom,” which was translated into English. His works have been spread across the globe, with some short stories translated into French, Bulgarian, Turkish and Russian, in addition to English.
Naji has worked extensively to promote culture in Jordan and the Arab world and has held several cultural positions, including president of the Jordanian Writers Association (2001-2003), chief editor of Awraq Cultural Magazine, and currently as president of the Arab Cultural Centre in Amman. His hobbies include reading, painting, and travelling. Naji lives in Amman with his wife, Arwa, and his son Dia. He he has other two sons in Amman, a third in Thailand, and a daughter in Australia.

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