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Why learn Arabic Online?

The reality of modern life makes it very interesting to learn Arabic online. Many people have very demanding schedules, and the ability to study from anywhere simplifies a busy life.

Whether you are a student busy with exams and class attendance or a worker and have an uncompromising schedule to which you are committed throughout the year, our online Arabic courses allow you to organize yourself in such a way that you can continue learning while fulfilling all your obligations and, of course, you also have free time to enjoy yourself.

That is why we understand that finding time to move to another country for a long period of time to learn a new language is a luxury that is not available to everyone. However, the new technologies make it easier for everyone.


Learn Arabic online with Egyptian teachers


Arabic Language Online

Ahlan World offers students from all over the world the opportunity to learn Arabic online with the advantages of structured courses and immersive, flexible and individualized Arabic lessons, available to everyone.

The online classes will be adapted to your daily life and the Ahlan World teachers will make you feel as you were at the school. You also have the advantage that they are one-to-one classes so they will focus on your specific needs. No matter if you want to learn Arabic to study abroad or if you you work in any company aiming to do business with Middle East countries, our teachers will help you to learn the Arabic language in the most specialized way possible so that you can customize your curriculum and achieve your desired goals.

Ahlan World offers online lessons Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic courses at all levels and times.

All you need is an Internet connection and a Online account. Lack of time is no longer an excuse to give up learning Arabic!

New website online

We have created a new website entirely dedicated to teaching Arabic online. You will be able to purchase our Arabic courses and lessons as well as enjoy dozens of free resources to learn Arabic online.

Feel free to ask more! online@ahlan-world.org

Arabic level test


Always wondered about your level and how to improve your skills? Take the test and then email online@ahlan-world.org. You will receive a free consultancy from one of our experts!

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