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Arabic Language Online

Alexandria, students

Ahlan World is comprised of Arabic language schools in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Italy. Each of the centers shares Ahlan World’s philosophy, which views foreign language not merely as a goal, but also as a tool that enables and encourages greater understanding between cultures. Ahlan world is the perfect opportunity to learn Arabic abroad.

Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic course

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Ahlan World offers Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) courses across 8 levels, from absolute beginner to advanced.

Modern standard Arabic (MSA)
Colloquial Arabic course

Colloquial Arabic course

Colloquial Arabic

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Alongside the almost universally spoken Modern Standard Arabic, the Arab world also contains a plethora of colloquial local dialects.

Colloquial Arabic
Media Course

Media Course

Media Course

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Media Taster: Perfect for students enrolling in MSA classes but wish to add a new angle to their language learning.

Media Classes

Arabic Courses

Ahlan World offers Arabic courses in Amman (Jordan), Alexandria, Cairo and Luxor (Egypt) and Rabat (Morocco), with highly qualified teachers. Enjoy cultural activities that offer the opportunity to practice Arabic with native speakers, and meet local people on our weekend trips and make friends in our Language Exchanges.

Arabic courses

Arabic courses

Arabic courses

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the Roman Temple of Hercules, Amman

Jordan / Amman

Come to Amman, get into the heart of the desert and meet a welcoming bedouin community.

Learn Arabic in Amman, Jordan
Excursion in Egypt

Egypt / Cairo, Alex, Luxor

Discover one of the most ancient cultures of the world and see how they faced modernity. 

Learn Arabic in Egypt
The blue city ” Chefchaouen ”

Morocco / Rabat

Get lost in the colourful streets of Morocco, and enjoy all of its perfumes. 

Learn Arabic in Rabat, Morocco

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Discover the Arab culture through the activities offered by Ahlan World. Excursions, sports, language exchanges and more.

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Ahland world offers its students many accommodation options with all the comforts you need and very affordable prices.

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Student life abroad



Student life abroad


Ahlan World students can choose from a wide range of possibilities for accommodation, extreme activities and even travel. Learn about all you can do in our Arabic schools destinations and read the experiences of our students.



Student Life Abroad