Seminars and workshops

Ahland World’s seminars and workshops

Seminars and workshops are included in the program to support those who wish to increase their skills or to find work. Marketing and Sales for the Arab World are the main areas covered, along with Journalism.

Ahlan Jordan has expert trainers and consultants in many fields of training and consultation.

Training programs can be tailored to meet special needs.

AMMAN – Journalism

Ahlan Jordan, in conjunction with Petra News Agency, is pleased to offer 10 week intensive course in Arabic Journalism.

Students will be equipped with advanced journalistic and language skills to effectively navigate the increasingly important world of Arabic media.

hland World's seminars and workshops

Language Classes: 6 Weeks

The intensive 6 Week schedule will include 3 hours daily of MSA, focusing on the language skills necessary for high quality media across the Arab world.

In addition, there will be 2 hours daily JCA language activities, familiarizing students with the dialect as used in everyday and working life in Jordan.

Specific phrasing, vocabulary and language styles across all forms of media will be a focus of this course.

This is a schedule of 25 hours per week, for a total of 150 hours.

All classes are in small groups with highly motivated and experienced teachers, as well as expert guests recognised as leaders in the field.

Classes will also include introductions to practice in Arabic media.

The school is located at the beautiful Arab Cultural Centre, at the Paris Circle, the vibrant cultural and artistic heart of Amman.

The second week of placement is the practical component. Working in small teams with other students and staff at the Petra News Agency, a first hand understanding of best practice in the newsroom, editorial committee and field will be gained. In addition to seeing how various roles at Jordan’s most prestigious media organisation are carried out, students will continue to complete problem solving exercises regarding the challenges that are actually faced in this working environment.

Internship: 2 Weeks (minimum)

Students will put their language and profession-based skills in to practice during an internship with a prestigious Jordanian media organization.

A high level of flexibility exists with regard to the structure and length of the Internship. Students are encouraged to consider extending this is as much as possible.

During the period of the internship, support and supervision will be provided both from within the host organisation as well as the school, and interns will have complete access to the school’s resources.

Ahlan Jordan understands that many students completing Bachelor and Postgraduate degrees will have monitoring and reporting requirements from their home institution. The school is very happy to work with students and their supervisors to ensure that feedback and evaluations can be tailored to match specific course requirements.

Course calendar

(up to journalism course in Petra news agency)

From 4th January to 12th March 2015

From 1st February to 9th April 2015

From 8th March to 14th June 2015

From 29th March to 4th July 2015

From 7th June to 13th August 2015

From 5th July to 10th September 2015

From 6th September to 12th November 2015

From 4th October to 10th December 2015

From 25th October to 31th December 2015

Registration must be at least one month before starting date.

AMMAN – Calligraphy Workshop

When we talk about Arabic calligraphy we are referring to 7 styles of artistic writing: al-riqa’, al-naskh, al-thulth, al-diwani, al-jali diwani, al-farsi and al-ijazi. Within this workshop you will receive a basic introduction to each of the 7 calligraphic styles and learn the principles of the art of calligraphy. Guided by an expert teacher, you will choose one of the styles, practise and develop it, and learn how to evaluate this kind of work. Finally, you will choose a final project and under the guidance of the teacher, create a piece of calligraphic art.

All the lessons are led by the famous Jordanian calligrapher Tariq Badah.

Maximum number of course participants: 6

If alone, you will take half the scheduled hours.

Evening course: 10h organised in 5 lessons of 2h each.

Morning intensive course: 20h organised in 5 lessons of 4h each (1 week).

AMMAN – Report and Essay Writing

A celebrated and expert journalist will guide you through the discovery and development of the journalistic style of writing. What is an essay? What is a report? What is the difference between the two? This 10h course will help you to answer these questions!

We recommend reaching an advanced level in Arabic before applying for this course, because it will be held in Arabic.

Minimum number of course participants: 2.

Maximum number of course participants: 5

If alone, you will take half the scheduled hours.

Course: 10h organised in 5 lessons of 2h each.

AMMAN – Short Story Writing

The short story genre is an ancient and important part of Arabic literature: Tracing its origins, it dates back to the maqamat (IX-XII sec.) by al-Hamdhani. More recently, great exponents of short stories have been Ghassan Kanafani, Zakaria Tamer, Khalil Gibran and Jamal Naji. Within this workshop we want to give you an introduction to the genre and show you the styles, the imagination and the motivation that lie behind one of the most important aspects of Arabic literature.

The course will start in July and will be held by the famous short story writer Jamal Naji.

We recommend reaching an advanced level in Arabic before applying for this course, because it will be held in Arabic.

Minimum number of course participants: 3.

Maximum number of course participants: 5.

If alone, you will take half the scheduled hours.

Students will also be welcomed in to the AHLAN Jordan family for the entirety of the course with social and cultural events throughout Amman and Jordan, including visits to some of the most important sites in the Middle East, traditional music, cooking and much more.

LUXOR – Cooking course

Please contact us and our professional experts will be ready to provide any advice or solution you need for your specific situation.

Media Course

Media Course

Media Course

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Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic

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Ahlan World offers Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) courses across 8 levels, from absolute beginner to advanced. MSA is the standard Arabic that forms the basis of all Arabic dialects across the Arab world.

Modern standard Arabic (MSA)
Colloquial Arabic

Colloquial Arabic

Colloquial Arabic

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Alongside the almost universally spoken Modern Standard Arabic, the Arab world also contains a plethora of colloquial local dialects that grew within their own particular context.

Colloquial Arabic

Arabic Courses

Ahlan World offers Arabic courses in Amman (Jordan), Alexandria, Cairo and Luxor (Egypt) and Rabat (Morocco), with highly qualified teachers. Enjoy cultural activities that offer the opportunity to practice Arabic with native speakers, and meet local people on our weekend trips and make friends in our Language Exchanges.

Arabic courses

Arabic courses

Arabic courses

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