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Alexandria, Egypt Arabic school

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Why learn Arabic in Alexandria?

At Ahlan World Alexandria you will find a unique atmosphere which is different from Cairo in many ways. There are not many tourists and foreigners, so most Alexandrians are not used to speaking in different languages.

As a result of this, Alexandria is a great location to practice speaking Arabic to local citizens in many different situations, including in many different shops, in markets, with neighbors and more. They will be more than happy to talk to you, answer questions, and give you advice. And if you want to do any traveling in Egypt, it is often quite easy to find cheap transport to what is called the ‘North Coast’ of Egypt. On your way, you will find several holiday villages and private beaches where you can relax and swim without being disturbed. Although Alexandria is a city of approximately 6 million inhabitants, it is a comfortable and warm city. Difficulties are rare and neither the people nor the officials give problems to foreign tourists. Everyone you know is more than happy to help you in any situation.

Alexandria, Egypt Arabic school

In the past, Alexandria was one of the most important cities in Egypt. It has an imposing library and was an important trade route during the time of Alexander the Great. Alexandria functioned as a link between cities in Greece and those of the Nile. Today, ancient ruins mingle with imposing monuments in a vibrant city, unique in the Mediterranean and around the world. Strolling through the souk (marketplace), having a juice in one of the seaside cafés, having a delicious fresh fish dinner, visiting the ancient Greco-Roman monuments, the wonderful mosques, and studying Arabic at the brand new and world-famous Alexandrian Library are just some of the exciting activities you can experience in this unique city. Learn Arabic in Alexandria and you will enjoy a unique experience.

Dive into the heart of Alexandria, where learning Arabic is intertwined with a rich cultural experience by the Mediterranean Sea. Our video takes you on a journey through Alexandria’s stunning landmarks, vibrant streets, and serene coastal views, all while showcasing the immersive language programs that cater to students of all levels.

Discover how you can engage with local culture, explore historical wonders, and enjoy the perfect blend of education and leisure. Experience Arabic in a setting where ancient history meets modern living—start your linguistic adventure in Alexandria now!

Courses offered at this school:

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) courses give students the linguistic essentials of the Arabic language, with a focus on the foundations of Arabic structure, grammar rules, and key vocabulary. MSA is primarily used is in Arabic media, academic texts, literature and in formal settings, rather than on the streets and in everyday conversations. Most Arabs will nonetheless understand and be able to use MSA, regardless of where they are from and which dialect they use most frequently. MSA is most closely related to the classic, original form of the Arabic language upon which the many different dialects were initially based and formed. For this reason, many students choose the study of MSA at the start of their Arabic careers and then later take on a specific dialect that fits with their particular interests or location in the Arab world. MSA courses are 3 hours per day, 5 days per week.
Ahlan World’s intensive MSA course encompasses all of the material in the standard MSA course listed above, but with an additional focus on vocabulary and grammar specifics, comprehension activities, games that test various linguistic skills, and conversation practice. The intensive course is one of the best options for those students wishing to make the most out of their time in Egypt. Intensive MSA courses are 5 hours per day, 5 days per week and are not available to absolute beginners.
Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) courses offer students an immersive study of the Egyptian dialect, which is used by locals for everyday interactions and conversation. The Egyptian dialect is understood by most of the Arab world as a result of Egypt producing many movies and songs. The study of ECA focuses less on universal aspects of the Arabic language (which would be found in an MSA course) and instead provides the essentials of navigating life in an Arab country, including important vocabulary, phrases, and sayings that students may hear on a daily basis while living abroad. ECA courses are 2 hours per day, 5 days per week.
The Ahlan Linguist Package combines the advanced linguistic study and universalism of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) with the specific knowledge of the local Egyptian dialect (ECA), providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the Arabic language and its varied uses. Students in the course will gain unique proficiency in the language as well as flexibility regarding future study, as they will have experience with both MSA and a local dialect. Ahlan Linguist Package MSA classes are 3 hours per day, 5 days per week, while the ECA classes are 2 hours per day, 5 days per week. The Ahlan Linguist Package is not available to absolute beginners.
One-to-one and small group classes (2-3 persons) are also available year-round at the school and via Online, upon request. These classes can be held at a time that best suits the student (between Sunday and Thursday, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm), but will also depend on teacher availability. Students wishing to request specific times for one-to-one classes must do so during registration or at least one week before the course begins. If preferences are not expressed ahead of time, Ahlan World will select the class times.
Ahlan’s unique Media Course is for students who have reached an intermediate or advanced
level in Arabic and would like to experience journalism in a Middle Eastern environment.
Each day students will study and analyze examples of journalism in Arabic media, including news
stories and features produced by Arab and foreign broadcasters such as Al Jazeera, BBC Arabic
and al-Arabiyya.


This course consists of an MSA course (1½ hours) and 2½ hours that include:
· the study of media texts, providing an opportunity for students to practice Arabic orally
· instruction in grammar and journalistic style and professional terminology
· how to report on aspects of city life, and how to conduct a professional media interview in Arabic
· meetings with local journalists and visits to newspapers and broadcasters
· production of an in-house newspaper
· general Arabic language classes combined with general knowledge and current topics



  • 7per hour
  • MSA o ECA*
    • Expert Teacher
    • 20h package € 140 euro
    • (€7 per hour)
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  • 5per hour
  • MSA o ECA*
    • Trainee teacher
    • 20h package € 100 euro
    • (€5 per hour)
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+ $ 25 enrollment fee* - Students who have studied at any Ahlan school less than two years prior to their new enrollment are exempted from the enrollment fee.

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  • 10per hour
  • MSA o ECA*
    • Expert Teacher
    • 10 euro per hour
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  • 8per hour
  • MSA o ECA*
    • Trainee Teacher
    • 7 euro per hour
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+ $ 25 enrollment fee* - Students who have studied at any Ahlan school less than two years prior to their new enrollment are exempted from the enrollment fee.

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