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Language is a tool, not a purpose!

Ahlan’s Arabic learning philosophy

Ahlan World is comprised of Arabic language schools in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Italy, and each of the centers shares Ahlan World’s Arabic learning philosophy. We understand foreign language not merely as a goal, but also as a tool that enables and encourages greater understanding between cultures. Accordingly, Ahlan courses combine Arabic language learning with an introduction to local customs and culture in order for the student to have a comprehensive experience that goes beyond that of a traditional language class.

Outside the classroom, students are offered the opportunity to take part in initiatives with local organisations, attend seminars, and participate in weekly extracurricular activities or trips. Through this multi-faceted approach, students at Ahlan World develop both linguistically and personally during their experience. Although Ahlan World centers are linked by the organisation’s wider philosophy, each location also offers a unique learning environment, just as each of the cities and countries in the Arab world reflects a unique culture and society.

Prospective students can choose the center that best suits their interests, circumstances, and personal goals.Check out the rest of our website for more information on academics, student life, and the different locations. We look forward to welcoming you as a new member of the Ahlan family and share our Arabic learning values!

Travel to Arab countries

We believe that travel is a great educator, promoting trust, knowledge, understanding and respect between people of different cultures. That is why we opened our centres in Arab countries.

Meet communities

We create initiatives between our centres and local organisations, NGOs and foreign institutions, which enable its students to further understand Arabic and the local communities that speak it.

Exchange with locals

We introduce our students to local activities to further mutual understanding and respect. We encourage sustainable tourism and organize initiatives aimed at reviving cultural traditions.

Get your certificate

At the end of your course, go back home with a certificate to attest the level you reached. The formal one, of course! There would be no way to express how you'll be enriched after the Ahlan experience.

Come learn the Ahlan way!
the Roman Temple of Hercules, Amman

Jordan / Amman

Come to Amman, get into the heart of the desert and meet a welcoming bedouin community. 

Learn Arabic in Amman, Jordan
Excursion in Egypt

Discover one of the most ancient cultures of the world and see how they faced modernity. 

Learn Arabic in Egypt
The blue city ” Chefchaouen ”

Morocco / Rabat

Get lost in the colourful streets of Morocco, and enjoy all of its perfumes. 

Learn Arabic in Rabat, Morocco