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Opportunities: Internship, volunteer, financial aid


Ahlan World offers multiple opportunities for students who are interested in learning Arabic to come with us to learn the Arabic language. Ahlan World offers different types of programs to suit your needs. You can come and attend classes, do an internship at our school or even volunteer to help the poorest part of the population. Choose the opportunity that best suits your needs and comes and meet us.

Internships abroad

Ahlan World is pleased to offer a full-time internship program at our language centers. Each center has its own approach to the program, but interns usually assist school staff with various aspects of administration and programming, learning about how a language school operates and teaching foreign languages along the way.

For more details about the internship read the Proposal for internships document. To apply for an internship, please contact us directly. We hope you will join us!

The intership financial aid

Financial aid

Traveling to the Arab world to study Arabic can be an expensive endeavor and Ahlan World is aware that not everyone has the budget required. We are pleased to offer scholarships through many partner universities. Please contact ahlan@ahlan-world.org directly to check if your department is included or to suggest that a partnership with your university be developed.

Financial Aid

For more information and to discuss further, please contact us at ahlan@ahlan-world.org