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Colloquial Arabic

The Arabic language developed upon the backdrop of a region that bridged continents, seas, vast mountain ranges and deserts in what is commonly referred to as the ‘Arab World.’ Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean through the Western city of Rabat, to the Indian Ocean through the Eastern coastal city of Muscat and pocketed by three seas; the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, lies the Arab World. Between these beautiful seas, over 300 million people call the Arab World their home and 22 countries identify around the loosely shared Arab identity. Linguistically, Modern Standard Arabic connects all these countries and peoples together as the commonly accepted core of the Arabic Written language. But with such diverse and expansive lands, shown most evidently by complexities and charm of Arab history, it is no wonder that the development and character of each of these states would be highly distinctive in nature. This permitted the language to evolve into its own reflection of the individual countries’ values and culture. Alongside the almost universally spoken Modern Standard Arabic, the Arab world also contains a plethora of colloquial local dialects that grew within their own particular context.

Ahlan World offers different colloquial language courses depending on the country in which the school is located, with each country having dialect which is unique and different in its own way. All schools offer Modern Standard Arabic courses.

Colloquial Arabic course options:

Colloquial Arabic – 10 hours a week, course taught by trained, professional instructors. Class sizes from 2 to 8 students depending on demand.

Preparation for exams – advanced studies – Specially adapted MSA course for students who want to prepare for upcoming exams. The course can be designed to practice a wide variety of subjects such as literature, history or linguistics.

One-to-one classes  – all year-round, flexible to student’s schedule. Packages available here
One-to-one Online classes – all year-round, very flexible in time and days. Packages available here

One-year course (MSA + JCA) – A special 2-semester course (32 weeks) to dedicate yourself completely to improving your Arabic skills. From October 2016.

All Ahlan World teachers are native Arabic speakers, passionate teachers and knowledgeable in their fields. Each teacher has passed our rigorous  teaching standards

Resident Courses

For residents of the selected cities Ahlan World operates within, Ahlan schools offer bespoke part-time language courses that can be studied simultaneously to full-time employment. Resident group courses are often taught in the evenings, from 18:00 to 20:00 twice a week, but individual private classes can also be tailored specifically to each student’s needs, for example by organising classes over the student’s lunch break or between 8:00 and 9:00 before the working day has begun. Ahlan World offers both MSA and Colloquial Arabic to students.

Rather than following a singular and rigid path towards language development. Language acquisition must follow an individual path for each student, whether it is a more structured approach based on grammar or a descending vocabulary and an approach to learning by expression. The resident classes offer the opportunity and support for busy students to achieve their linguistic goals by remaining primarily attentive to the talents of the language and the challenges of each student encountered.