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A day at Ahlan

A day at Ahlan

  |   Jordan, Learn Arabic


  “Tamaam, ante?”


And so the start of another day at Ahlan world begins. With a cheery smile, a cup of hot tea and a cooling breeze from the patrolling fans, I start my first day at Ahlan World Jordan. My first impressions of the school are its colourful hallways. Stepping through from the heat of the sun, im welcomes by the familiar faces of staff, students and teachers. My eyes adjust to the coutous shade of the school’s office and reception. The sun’s rays reflect through the tinted windows of the school’s front doors, adding a warming glow to the office space inside. Illuminated by the shining sun, the beautiful calligraphy decorating the walls bloom. Classrooms flank off from the central office, snapshots of teachers and students locked in study. More vibrant colours beccon the inquisitive mind. Through the hallway is the school’s kitchen and indoor lounge. At lunch time, this space takes centre stage as food and drink is prepared communally. All are welcome.


The school’s garden brings its own character to the school, reflecting the best of the Ahlan ethos, with a touch of plant life, classic Jordanian patterns and a plethora of colour making it a wonderful commutative space to relax. A cup of tea, usually served sweet, finds its place best within the garden along with whatever conversation or joke is being tossed around students and teachers on the low couches. I drank my tea and enjoyed the shade provided by the beautiful patterns of Jordanian fabric hanging above. It is true that Amman has a scorching summer sun but shade compliments every beam of light that throbs down. In the shade, the harsh sun is pacified and the cool breeze of Amman ripples through the trees and dances with the hanging fabrics. The garden has many levels, with its plants and trees growing vertical up walls and cut wood and students lying and sitting horizontally, occupied now with Arabic homework. A soundtrack of midday prayers echos around the scene, adding another layer to the imagination. This is the Ahlan World Jordan way.


I found Ahlan World through friends, not through pictures or google. Ahlan Jordan’s reputation finds its form and shape from the compounded beauty of its four walls and familiar faces. Add on, the stimulation and challenge of dedicated teachers to this compound,as well as its price, and the idea of Ahlan grows wings and flies away. It isn’t just the price and flexibility that keeps Ahlan World Jordan being passed around like a badly kept secret, it’s all of the above. Its the vibrant community of students, diverse teachers and the spirit of learning that makes Ahlan World Jordan a cut above the rest. With that, i take my last sip of tea, smile up at the sky and go and see what smells so good in the kitchen.