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Arabic for residents: your best ally

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You’re a foreigner and for whatever reason, whether for work, family, pleasure, or a personal situation, you’ve moved to an Arab country. If you’re reading this article is probably cause you’re not from Arab origin and you probably come from far away. And if still in doubt about what it means to be an expatriate and you’ll like to know more about your new life check this guide for expatriates.

As it happens with every country, when you travel far away from home you’ll find in your destination country many things completely different than what you are used to. And one of them is, of course, the Arabic language. Arabic is a fascinating and interesting language. But, at first, if you have no previous knowledge of Arabic and are living in an Arab country, its different alphabet and way of writing may look hard to learn.

Whether you have just moved or you are a long-term resident in the country you’ll surely be trying the hardest to integrate yourself to the new society and culture as fast as possible. Feeling part of the culture you are in is fundamental and key to the adaptation process in your new home. We are all humans and, as social beings, we need to relate towards each other and our environment to live a happy fulfilling life.

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This is what we are talking about: with an insufficient or basic Arabic knowledge, it becomes much harder to communicate with workers in hospitals, justice settings and public places in general. Paperwork can become a true nightmare when you’re not able to express yourself fully. Even though people will try the hardest to understand you, it is evident that language can be a handicap when dealing with everyday situations.

Also with personal relationships, making friends and getting to know Arab people is much easier when you’re able to understand each other. Language can disclose a new world for us!

We can’t underestimate the advantages that learning Arabic has in professional and academic environments as well. When working in an Arab company, knowing Arabic can be your best ally to better communicate with your coworkers and meet the expectations of new clients. Companies increasingly value language skills as a fruitful asset and recognize the efforts of those trying to learn their language.

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If, on the other hand, you’re a student doing an exchange program or a volunteer doing the International Civil Service, learning Arabic will also be very beneficial. Studying, doing exams and talking with your teachers and classmates as a local and not only as a foreigner, a true safe bet if you want to pass your exams successfully! If volunteering, being able to communicate with the people you’re working with and the people you’re helping to means creating a deeper bonding.

And, last but not least, knowing Arabic for residents will give you an insight of Arab culture and way of life very different than if you study the language on your own. Classes are adapted and programmed to suit the needs of those living in the country. Therefore, they aim at the weak points residents need to develop and encourage the strong ones. Usually, it is possible to find private and small group classes and group courses so students can choose the method they prefer. Not only that, but they cover a wide hours schedule to better adapt to the busy social and work schedules of the students. Learn Arabic for residents, it will be your best ally!

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