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Do an internship in an Arab country: boost your professional career

Do an internship in an Arab country: boost your professional career

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The Arabic language is becoming a language of the future more and more people are deciding to learn. Aware of the potential of the 5th most spoken language worldwide, with 22 countries having it as an official language in two continents, Arabic language classes are progressively becoming more popular.

What if you could combine Arabic classes with an experience that will boost your professional career?

Nowadays, access to the job market is many times defined by the internship(s) the future employee has done. Usually, university programs include one compulsory subject in the last course: an internship. Internships are thought to open up job opportunities and giving the student the skills required to perform his/her job efficiently and professionally.

Also, some companies offer internship positions to non-college students. There is a place for everyone!

Post: "Do an internship in an Arab country: boost your professional career"

If you have been thinking for a long time to learn Arabic, and you would like to have a professional, international, mind-changing experience in your CV, keep reading and discover some of the benefits that doing an internship in an Arab country will give you:

1. One of the things companies value most in the candidates’ CVS is their past job experiences: doing an internship will let you add a valuable international experience to your CV.

2. An internship abroad has it all! you’ll be learning job skills directly from professionals in a nurturing, friendly environment while learning the local language. That is appreciated in the case of Arabic, where you’ll have the chance to talk to locals daily.

3. Doing an internship in another country means that you’ll fully integrate into the local, cultural and social life, you’ll be immersed in the target destination, therefore you’ll get to visit places and discover things and not just as a mere tourist.

4. You’ll also be immersed in the Arabic language. Most surely, you’ll be able to speak in a common language with the company’s/school staff, but you’ll also get to hear Arabic on a daily basis and speak in Arabic with your Arab friends, in your free time and during the weekends!

5. Some Arabic schools even offer Arabic courses to the interns in exchange for the work done (MSA or Colloquial Arabic) for them to acquire a good Arabic level and to make them feel fully integrated into the country.

6. By doing an internship abroad, you’ll step out of your comfort zone, gain confidence in yourself and meet new people. Therefore, it’ll be an experience that will change you forever.

7. It’ll also help to broaden your mind and break down barriers of prejudice you may have. Only when being directly in touch with people from a certain country, we learn things we are not usually told on TV.

8. You’ll be able to check if the internship you’re taking is of interest to you and who knows, maybe you’ll find your vocation!

9. You’ll develop professionally and personally. All the experiences you’ll live will make you come back to your country of origin as a much grown-up person.

10. And the last but not the least, the fun! Traveling, discovering new places and making new friends with so many interesting things to tell us is always funny and enchanting. Do not miss the opportunity to experience it by yourself!

Post about: "Do an internship in an Arab country: boost your professional career"

Keep in mind that interns should stay for a long time (some months at least) to make the most of their stay, to fully immerse in the experience and acquire meaningful skills!

Do you want to live a life-changing experience?

Do an internship abroad and step out of your comfort zone