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Stanley bridge in Alexandria, Egypt

Discover a new world: learn Arabic in Alexandria, Egypt

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Alexandria is a wonderful city to learn Arabic. Located in Egypt, is the country’s most important city after Cairo, with more than 5 million inhabitants. Built in 331 B.C by Alexander the Great, it was the main intellectual and cultural center of the ancient world. The city perfectly combines its rich history with a cosmopolitan and modern atmosphere, so students can be sure they’ll find many things to do while studying Arabic in Alexandria.

The tropical weather of Alexandria, with an average temperature of 20º throughout the year, make the city a nice destination to visit at any time. During the summer the weather is hot, but that isn’t of any problem, Alexandria has wonderful beaches on the coast of the Mediterranean sea that both locals and visitors love taking a dip into!

View of the Citadel of Qaitbay in Alexandria, Eyp

Besides, the atmosphere in Alexandria is different than the one in Cairo in many ways. While Cairo, the capital, is touristic and has many foreigners, Alexandria is less touristic, so locals are not that used to speak in different languages. That ensures that students interested in the Arabic language will have a complete immersion in the language and Arabic will be the main language of communication with Alexandria’s peoples. Furthermore, the cheerful and welcoming nature of Alexandria’s peoples make students feel at home.

Being such an ancient and unique city, Alexandria hides many treasures waiting for those lucky enough to find them.

Citadel of Qaitbay

Qaitbay citadel in Alexandria

This 15th-century defensive fortress is considered one of the most important strongholds in Egypt and in the Mediterranean Coast. Located in the eastern entrance of Pharos Island, stands proudly right where the Alexandria lighthouse (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world) used to be.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt

The modern Bibliotheca Alexandrina is inspired in the Ancient Library of Alexandria, which was built around the III century B.C and the largest library in the entire world at its time. It is estimated it contained up to 700.000 books. The new Bibliotheca Alexandrina was promoted by UNESCO and inaugurated in 2003.

The Pompey’s Pillar

Pompey's pillar in Alexandria, Egypt

This impressive pillar is more than 25 meters high and can be found where the Serapeo temple used to be. Constructed using red granite from Aswan, it is the biggest pillar of this type apart from those in Rome and Constantinople.

The Montaza Palace

The Montaza palace

The Montaza Palace, Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, Alexandria National Museum, The Alexandria Port…the ancient ruins mingle with the modern and vibrant side of the city. Take a stroll at the souk (marketplace) or enjoy a juice at one of the cafés by the seaside during your spare time.

The Arabic course in Alexandria combines custom-made classes taught by professional teachers with a complete cultural program that will let you enjoy to the fullest your stay in Alexandria. There is a wide range of evening activities and weekend tours, to the White and Black Desert, the Bahareya oases, Cairo, and many more.

Besides, our students find many types of courses adapted to each taste and need. From Modern Standard Arabic courses (to acquire knowledge of general Arabic), and intensive MSA courses to Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, private classes or media courses for those interested in the world of journalism!

What are you waiting for to get to know Alexandria and learn Arabic with us?

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