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Learn Arabic and explore the Arabic media

Learn Arabic and discover the Arabic media

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Are you a journalist? Are you interested in the media and would like to know how the media works in Arab countries? Then, you will like our post of today!

Ahlan school offers three different media programs for all those interested in discovering the Middle Eastern Media and living a life-changing experience. These media programs are taken in immersion, thus, by living in the destination country, learning Arabic and discovering the culture like a true local.

The program “Media Taster” offers one-hour classes per day to students taking a MSA course who wish to enrich and add a new angle to their language learning. Students are provided with carefully selected materials and articles and they have the opportunity to engage in contemporary discussions about journalism.

The course is specifically designed for students who would like to broaden their knowledge and who are interested in the world of journalism and would like to take their first steps in such an interesting and important world.

The course “Media classes” goes one step further and builds upon the program Media Taster by increasing the students’ insight on journalism. Students devote three hours a day to study and analyze Middle Eastern Media including news by broadcasters such as Al Jazeera, BBC Arabic, and al-Arabiyya. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves deeply in the target country by learning both the language and the culture.

Finally, students at the Ahlan Jordan school have the “comprehensive media and language Ten Week program” available. This program offers a six-week communication-oriented language course and a full-time internship with the internationally recognized Petra News Agency.

The three courses are designed from the most basic to the most advanced to suit the needs of all students interested in the media world.

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Why taking a media program?

Media programs (with Arabic language lessons) allow students to learn Arabic the fastest and most efficient way. Arabic is the 6th most spoken native language worldwide. Being an official language in 20 countries (and co-official in at least 6 more) and one of the official languages of the United Nations, we can imagine how powerful the Arabic language is in the international arena.

Arabic may be a challenging and demanding language to learn, which doesn’t mean at all that you should desist on your resolution of learning it. All the contrary! You will just need to be properly motivated, be consistent and willing to work hard.

What is true is that when learning a new language, if we learn it in our home country, we will not have the same communication opportunities in our L2 that the ones we have if we travel to the country in which the language is spoken. The amount of linguistic input when taking an Arabic course in an Arab country is much bigger than the one we can receive in our country of origin.

On top of that, students do not only learn the language, but they LIVE it. They enjoy the life-changing experience of living in a new country in which meeting new people, doing different plans and visiting new places becomes part of the daily life.

Plus, media programs offer the students the opportunity to enrich their learning and broaden their perspectives in such important world as journalism.

What are you waiting for to take a media program?

Learn Arabic and discover the Arabic media