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The Treasury (Al Khazneh), Petra (UNESCO world heritage site), Jordan.

Why study Arabic in Amman, Jordan

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Jordan is a modern and safe country where numerous foreigners study, work or decide to spend their holidays. Its capital, Amman, is the best example of Jordan’s diversity and great cultural and gastronomic variety. A welcoming city in which, in addition to exploring its famous seven hills and enjoying breathtaking scenery, you will meet a local population always ready to help those who visit their country.

Engaging in conversation with Jordanians is one of the most effective ways to practice Arabic and another of the main reasons why you should study Arabic in Amman. In this city people are always willing to speak and share their culture with foreigners, so Jordan is the perfect destination for a linguistic and cultural immersion in Arabic.

As for the colloquial dialect spoken in Jordan, it is very similar to modern standard Arabic (MSA). This is an advantage if you have already taken Arabic lessons before your visit to Amman because many words and grammatical structures will be very familiar to you. In addition, most people in the city also speak French or English so you will be able to communicate easily even if you don’t speak so much Arabic.

There are many tourist attractions awaiting you in Amman, such as the Citadel, the ancient Greek Acropolis, the Roman Theater or the Mosque of King Abdullah. So you can fully enjoy this vibrant city, our school is conveniently located. If you choose to learn Arabic in Amman with Ahlan Jordan you will discover that you will get to know the culture and visit the most important places in Jordan, in addition to the Arabic language.

Amman, Jordan

Our team plans a complete evening cultural activity program every week and excursions on weekends so that you can get to know all that Jordan has to offer. If you are more than traveling on your own, don’t hesitate to ask our school for advice. We will be happy to help you and give you our travel recommendations.

Amman - Jordan

Many of our students take advantage of their free time after Arabic classes to enjoy the souk of Amman, relax over tea in its many cafes, sample a wide variety of Middle Eastern dishes or explore the city’s historic monuments. Weekends are devoted to traveling to other fascinating places in Jordan such as the Red Sea or the Dead Sea.

A visit to Petra, a city excavated and carved out of the stone that forms part of the nine seven wonders of the modern world, is one of the experiences no traveler should miss in Jordan. In addition, its proximity to Cairo, Jerusalem, and Beirut will allow you to get to know other countries by car or plane.

At Ahlan World, we have fully qualified teachers for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. At our school in Amman, you will find courses for Arabic students at all levels. Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Jordanian Colloquial Arabic (JCA) or courses combining MSA+JCA, both in group classes of a maximum of 8 students and in individual classes. In all of them, we will prepare you to be able to communicate in Arabic in real situations.

In addition to these courses, we also have workshops and programs for students who want to go further in the learning of the Arabic language. Monographic workshops on Arabic calligraphy, essay and report writing in Arabic, short story writing or Arab media and journalism.

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