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Why Study Arabic in Rabat, Morocco

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Rabat is much more than just the capital of the Moroccan Kingdom. It is a historic city, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2012, and it is full of squares, monuments, and beautiful gardens. The perfect cultural and urban environment to learn Arabic, but also the Moroccan dialect.

Placed on the Atlantic coast, on the delta of the river Bu Regreg and just an hour’s drive from Casablanca, the horizon highlights the white, indigo and ochre tones of its Medina. A pleasure for the eyes that will invite you to have a mint tea while conversing with the locals, always kind to those who try to speak Arabic.

Daily life in Rabat will offer you many opportunities to meet other people and participate in activities after Arabic classes. In addition to walking through the Kasbah des Oudayas and getting to know its most important tourist spots, you can also barter or bargain with the merchants of the souks. As one of the most important cultural centers in Morocco, you can also attend concerts, theatre or conferences.

Rabat is also well connected by different types of public transport, from bus or taxi to tram or bicycle. Rabat is a quiet and modern city where you can feel at home in a very short time.

And if you dare to go beyond the city of Rabat itself, you can also discover the Moroccan Atlantic coast or get lost in the imposing Sahara desert, one of Morocco’s most impressive natural treasures.

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Blue city, Morocco

At Ahlan, we offer you the chance to experience the most authentic Rabat. In our Arabic school in Morocco, we aim more than just offering Arabic classes. We introduce students to local traditions and activities to foster understanding and mutual respect.

Our Arabic courses in Rabat are taught by professional teachers who will teach you not only the Arabic language but also Arab culture and customs. With our school, you will have the opportunity to meet many native Moroccans and practice with them the knowledge of the classes.

In our Arabic school in Morocco, you can take private Arabic lessons or enroll in one of our Modern Standard Arabic Courses (MSA) or Moroccan Colloquial Arabic Courses (MCA – dialect, also called “Darija”).

Your initial level of Arabic does not matter. At Ahlan Morocco, we encourage you to embrace Arabic and speak as much as possible after class so that you can master the language in the shortest possible time.

Our teachers will accompany you throughout the process and encourage you to interact in Arabic with other students. They utilize multimedia resources, literary, songs, films, articles or news that bring learners the social and cultural context of Morocco.

Each week, we post on our notice board a timetable of the most interesting activities and events that will take place in Rabat. You can ask our staff for more details about the events and places.

What are you waiting for to get to know Morocco and learn Arabic with us?

Discover our Arabic school in Rabat, Morocco.