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Accommodation in Amman (Jordan)



In general, apartments consist of two or three single or double bedrooms, one or two shared bathrooms, and a furnished kitchen. All our accommodation options are provided with air conditioning (hot and cold), Wi-Fi, bedding, and a washing machine.

All the accommodation options are located within walking distance from the school.


Students are placed in these apartments according to availability.


Check-in time: Check-in : Friday (before the beginning of classes) after 4 pm.


Check-out time: Friday (the day following the end of the classes) before 11 am.

Flat Prices

Single Room
  • 1 Week: Single Room 140 US$
  • 2 Weeks: Single Room 280 US$
  • 3 Weeks: Single Room 420 US$
  • 4 Weeks: Single Room 550 US$
  • 6 Weeks: Single Room 820 US$
  • 8 Weeks: Single Room 910 US$
  • 16 Weeks: Single Room  1,775 US$
  • 24 Weeks: Single Room  2,590 US$
  • 36 Weeks: Single Room  3,670 US$
  • 48 Weeks: Single Room  4,610 US$
Double Room
  • 1 Week: Double Room  80 US$
  • 2 Weeks: Double Room 160 US$
  • 3 Weeks: Double Room 240 US$
  • 4 Weeks: Double Room 300 US$
  • 6 Weeks: Single Room 450 US$
  • 8 Weeks: Single Room 490 US$
  • 16 Weeks: Double Room 965 US$
  • 24 Weeks: Double Room 1,400 US$
  • 36 Weeks: Double Room 1,990 US$
  • 48 Weeks: Double Room 2,495 US$
Extra nights


single room 20 US$ per night / double room 12 US$ per night




Carefully selected Jordanian families are able to host students in their homes for a month or less, breakfast included.


Students will have their own room and can use the kitchen to cook in.


Typical Arab meal times include a  big lunch around 3.00 PM, which is difficult to fit in with a student schedule. Occasionally the Jordanian families who are known of their generosity, will invite you to join them for a lunch or dinner – of course for free!


Homestays with a family are only available for our female students.

Home-stay Prices


150 US$ per week (up to 15 weeks)

140 US$ per week (more than 16 weeks)

Note: the prices indicated are per person.