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Accommodation in Amman (Jordan)



In Amman the most convenient and economic housing solution is apartment rental. Whilst also being the most affordable for many university students, apartments offer Ahlan World students a social circle of like-minded Arabic students, pieced together by people from a multitude of nationalities and backgrounds. An Ahlan apartment can be a home away from home, a platform for all your ideas and passions during your stay.



In general, apartments consist of two or three single or double bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a furnished living room. Students are placed in these apartments based on availability. WIFI included.
All utilities are included in the prices quoted.

There is no AC but usually there are fans which are able enough to keep the room cool. The building design of Amman houses maximises coolness also. Towels and sheets are not provided.


Information on more luxurious accommodations is available upon request.


Check-in time: Check-in : Friday (before the beginning of classes) after 4 pm.


Check-out time: Friday (the day following the end of the classes) before 11 am.

Flat Prices

Single Room
  • 1 Week: Single Room 140 US$
  • 2 Weeks: Single Room 280 US$
  • 3 Weeks: Single Room 420 US$
  • 4 Weeks: Single Room 550 US$
  • 6 Weeks: Single Room 820 US$
  • 8 Weeks: Single Room 910 US$
  • 16 Weeks: Single Room  1,775 US$
  • 24 Weeks: Single Room  2,590 US$
  • 36 Weeks: Single Room  3,670 US$
  • 48 Weeks: Single Room  4,610 US$
Double Room
  • 1 Week: Double Room  80 US$
  • 2 Weeks: Double Room 160 US$
  • 3 Weeks: Double Room 240 US$
  • 4 Weeks: Double Room 300 US$
  • 6 Weeks: Single Room 450 US$
  • 8 Weeks: Single Room 490 US$
  • 16 Weeks: Double Room 965 US$
  • 24 Weeks: Double Room 1,400 US$
  • 36 Weeks: Double Room 1,990 US$
  • 48 Weeks: Double Room 2,495 US$
Extra nights


single room 20 US$ per night / double room 12 US$ per night


The above price packages can be combined to cover the precise number of nights required by the student. (I.e. a student staying for 6 weeks total can book 4 weeks + 2 weeks.).



Carefully selected Jordanian families are able to host students in their homes for a month or less, breakfast included.


Students will have their own room and can use the kitchen to cook in.


Typical Arab meal times include a  big lunch around 3.00 PM, which is difficult to fit in with a student schedule. Occasionally the Jordanian families who are known of their generosity, will invite you to join them for a lunch or dinner – of course for free!


Homestays with a family are only available for our female students.

Home-stay Prices


150 US$ per week (up to 15 weeks)

140 US$ per week (more than 16 weeks)

Note: the prices indicated are per person.



Ahlan can assist students in finding a hotel for accommodation if this is preferred. Please contact us directly for more information.


Prices will vary according to season and availability.