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Accommodation in Rabat


In Rabat the most convenient and economic housing solution is apartment rental.
In general, apartments consist of two or three single or double bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and a furnished living room. Students are placed in these apartments based on availability.

All utilities are included in the prices quoted and wifi is available for free.

There is no AC but usually there are fans.Towels and sheets are not provided.
The apartments are usually gender segregated but in some cases it may be possible for males and females to share the same unit. If desired, some rooms contain double beds and would be appropriate for couples. For further information on alternative apartments (whether more luxurious, or less) please contact us directly.



The check-in for the accommodation is two days before the start of the course and the checkout is one day after the end of the course. If you need to stay for additional days, you will be charged € 14 ( 140 MAD) per night for a single room and € 8 = MAD 80 per night for a double room (subject to availability).



Summer Prices (1st May - 30th September)

  • 400 € – PER MONTH
  • 330 € – PER 3 Week
  • 250 € – PER 2 Week
  • 140 € – PER 1 Week
  • 220 € – PER MONTH
  • 180 € – PER 3 Week
  • 140 € – PER 2 Week
  • 80 € – PER 1 Week

Winter Prices

  • 340 € –  PER MONTH
  • 280 € – PER 3 Week
  • 210 € – PER 2 Week
  • 120 € – PER 1 Week
  • 180 € – PER MONTH
  • 150  € – PER 3 Week
  • 115  € – PER 2 Week
  • 65  € – PER 1 Week
The opportunity to live in a traditional Riad-Residence with a Moroccan family in the old Medina is not to be missed.   
The Riad itself is composed of three floors, including a large kitchen shared by the family and students, two spacious living rooms, and an amazing rooftop with a view over Rabat. There is a washing machine and the house is cleaned regularly.  The dream of living in a luxurious home with a Moroccan family could finally come true if you select this accommodation!  

  • 125 EURO PER WEEK (from 1st Oct. to 28th Nov.)
  • 150 EURO PER WEEK (1st Mar. to 30th Sept.)
  • 80  EURO PER WEEK (from 1st Oct. to 28th Nov.)
  • 120 EURO PER WEEK (1st Mar. to 30th Sept.)
Carefully selected families are able to host students in their homes for a month or less, breakfast  and dinner included.
Students will have their own room and can use the kitchen to cook in.