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Extracurricular Activities

Ahlan World is much more than just a language school. It is place from which students can embark on a wider journey to experience their chosen destination, its people, and a new culture unlike their own. We encourage our students to explore as many new angles and perspective as possible while they are with us. In order to help students immerse themselves, each of our centers offers a variety of extracurricular activities throughout the year.

The specific activities offered will reflect the city in which a student chooses to study: historical tours of the old city in Cairo, lectures on the coptic community in Alexandria, a weekend trip to the desert castles in Jordan. Learn how to cook tajine, a traditional berber dish, in Rabat; the street favorite called koshari in Cairo, or the national dish of Jordan, mansaf, while in Amman. No matter the destination, boredom is not an option! Check out the pages for each location to see more about the activities there.

In addition to cultural trips and lectures, each center hosts regular language exchanges which provide an opportunity for students to interact with locals, practicing their new Arabic skills and making new friends in the process. In some of our centers where courses in languages other than Arabic are offered, foreign students will also have the chance to meet local counterparts attending classes at the school as they do.

Furthermore, Ahlan World is proud of the many initiatives formed between its centers and local organisations, such as NGOs and civil society groups, which provide additional bridges between our students and the communities in which they chose to study. The good relations that Ahlan has with local organisations is also seen in Ahlan’s work as intercultural mediators and translators in a number of our locations. All of this is line with Ahlan World’s philosophy promoting language as a tool for building bridges and greater understanding between cultures.