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Advantages of private Arabic lessons

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Learning languages have become a must nowadays. Though learning a second language is a beautiful mind-opening process which opens the door to new countries and cultures, we can’t turn a blind eye on the fact that languages have also become a must for every worker who wants to be competitive in our globalized world. Arabic is becoming a trendy language, not only because is a fascinating language, but also because it is the 5th most spoken language worldwide. The fact that almost 700 million people speak Arabic and that it is an official language in more than 20 countries make the learning of Arabic an increasingly safe bet.

If you have already made the decision to starting learning Arabic, you have probably already evaluated these two options: group or private lessons. Each option has pros and cons and are better suited for some. The advantages of group classes have been largely discussed, so today we are going to focus on the advantages of private lessons in Arabic.

Students begin their learning process at their exact level

How many times have you started learning a language in group lessons and you have had to adapt to the rhythm and level of your classmates? You don’t have this problem with private lessons. Whether you only know a few Arabic words, have taken a previous online Arabic course to familiarize yourself with the language or you are an advanced learner, you have a teacher only for you.

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Tailor-made education

Everyone is different and has a different learning style. Whether your style is visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinesthetic, the teacher will adapt to your style and needs. Exercises, tests, and the lesson planning will be tailored for you.

He/she will reinforce your weak areas and encourage you to keep improving your strong ones. This becomes specially relevant when learning a language as challenging as Arabic. In group lessons there are several students and this makes the adaptation of materials to each student a harder task.

Flexible schedule

If you want to start learning Arabic and you look for a course during the afternoons you will find it easily. However, for those who only have free time in the mornings, or split working time, may find it difficult to find a course at the right time they need.

Nowadays, when it’s hard not to find someone who has crazy working schedules, private lessons are becoming the best option due to the flexibility they allow. Whenever learning Arabic in Jordan, Egypt or Morocco, private lessons are a good choice for those looking for discovering the country while learning the language at their own pace.

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Lessons deal with content the student needs

In many occasions, the lesson planning in language schools is standardized, even though each student may want to learn the language for different purposes. One may want to learn Modern Standard Arabic to have a broad knowledge of Arabic, whereas other may want to learn Colloquial Arabic. Whatever your goal is, a private teacher will adapt the content for you to learn Arabic as you want.

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